What is 2400 (00:00) Military Time? (12:00 AM Standard Time)


In our daily lives, we often encounter a series of numbers that may seem enigmatic at first glance. One such instance is “2400” or “0000” while referring to time. This comes from the military time system, also known as the 24-hour clock. Used extensively by military personnel, healthcare professionals, pilots, and emergency services, this time format offers a precise and unambiguous method to express time. But what does 2400 or 0000 military time mean, and how is it used? Let’s unravel this mystery.

Differences between Military and Standard Time

The most noticeable difference between military and standard time lies in their structure. The standard time system, popular in English-speaking countries, operates on a 12-hour clock. Here, the day is divided into two periods – AM (ante meridiem, before midday) and PM (post meridiem, after midday).

On the other hand, the military time system, also known as the 24-hour clock, counts the hours of the day sequentially from 0000 at midnight to 2359. There’s no necessity for AM/PM designations, thus avoiding any confusion that might arise, especially during the transitions between AM and PM.

Converting 2400 or 0000 Military Time to Standard Time

So, what do 2400 or 0000 signify in military time? They both represent midnight, which is 12:00 AM in standard time. The usage between 0000 and 2400 can vary, but typically, 0000 is used to refer to the start of a day, and 2400 is used when referring to the end of a day.

Now, how do we convert military time to standard time? It is a simple process:

For military time from 0000 to 1159, it is the same as standard time. However, for military time from 1200 to 2359, subtract 1200 to get the standard time. For example, 1300 military time would be 1:00 PM in standard time.

How to Convert Military Time to Standard Time

While we’ve touched on the basic conversion rules, let’s dive deeper and understand the process with some examples:

  • 0600 Military Time = 6:00 AM Standard Time
  • 1400 Military Time = 2:00 PM Standard Time (1400 – 1200 = 200)
  • 2100 Military Time = 9:00 PM Standard Time (2100 – 1200 = 900)

Applications of Military Time in Daily Life

While it might seem that military time is limited to specific professions, it permeates various aspects of daily life. Let’s look at some scenarios:

Nurse Scheduling Patient Appointments: A nurse working in a 24-hour healthcare facility uses military time to accurately schedule patient medications, treatments, or procedures without any confusion.

Pilot Planning a Flight Schedule: Pilots, air traffic controllers, and airline staff rely on the 24-hour clock to avoid misunderstandings that could arise due to different time zones and daylight savings time changes.

Logistics Manager Coordinating Deliveries: In the logistics and transportation industry, military time is used to schedule deliveries, routes, and coordinate team schedules.


In conclusion, the 24-hour clock system or military time is a crucial tool for precise and unambiguous timekeeping. While 2400 or 0000 may initially seem puzzling, understanding their equivalence to midnight or 12:00 AM standard time helps demystify this unique time format. Whether you’re scheduling a meeting across different time zones or planning your day down to the minute, being conversant with military time can certainly be beneficial. So, the next time you encounter 2400 or 0000 military time, you’ll know exactly what it indicates. So, go ahead and embrace the simplicity of this timekeeping system.

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