What is 1400 (14:00) Military Time? (2:00 PM Standard Time)

In our daily lives, we commonly use the 12-hour clock system, where time is divided into two periods: AM = ante meridiem and PM = post meridiem. Yet, another clocking system known as the military time has its own duration of 24 hours. This blog post aims to help you understand 1400 military time and its conversion to standard time (2: 00 PM).

What is 1400 Military Time?

1400 military time represents the time fourteen hundred hours, or 2: In a typical twelve-hour clock system, this would be the first time slot and start at zero o’clock or twelve midnight as it is customary to call. The use of military time is prevalent across different professions and sectors such as those within the military, aviation, emergency services, and health care among others. However, it is more accurate than the AM/PM problem.

Conversion to Standard Time

It is very easy to change 1400 military time into standard time. Follow these steps:

Divide 1400 by 100 to get the hour: 1400/100 = 14.
This number represents the hour in standard time: 1400 = 2 PM. This way you can get 1400 Time.

Practical Applications

1400 military time is commonly used in situations where precision is crucial, such as:

Military operations: Mission coordination and scheduling management.
Aviation: Flight scheduling, departure and arrival on time.
Emergency services: Helping out in emergencies, facilitating and coordinating.
Healthcare: Administering medications and scheduling appointments.

Converting 1400 Military Time to Standard Time

To convert 1400 military time to standard time, one needs to understand the basic rule: for times after 1200, simply subtract 1200 to get the standard time equivalent. Therefore, 1400 – 1200 = 200, which is 2:00 PM in standard time.

Advantages of Using Military Time One of the key advantages of military time is its ability to provide a clear and unambiguous representation of time. This is particularly important in fields where precise timekeeping is crucial. Additionally, military time is used internationally, making it a universal standard for time communication in various industries.

Military Time Chart: A Handy Tool

A military time chart is an essential tool that helps in quickly converting military time to standard time and vice versa. It typically lists the hours from 0000 to 2400 alongside their standard time equivalents, providing a visual guide for easy conversion.

Practical Applications of Military Time Military time is not only used in professional settings but also has practical applications in daily life. For instance, it is used in public transportation schedules, event planning, and even in personal time management to avoid confusion in timekeeping.

Importance of Accuracy

High precision is required when using military time especially in critical situations or operations. The wrong interpretation or communication of military time may have grave adverse effects. Always verify or check the time in its 24 hour cycle when making a move that is based on the military time.


1400 military time represents 2: At zero hours according to its 12-hour clock system. It is important for many occupations and businesses, which operate from precise perspective, to understand military time. The conversion is straightforward and with just that, you can read and understand military time correctly. Adopt military time for efficiency and improved communication in case of urgent matters.

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